Saturday, 18 February 2012

New projects on the horizon cont....
'Jardiniere' will be inspired by French shabby chic, ornate decor and vintage costume jewellery & accessories....a soft colour palette of summer mist, white, neutrals, antique gold and pewter, embellishment and detail, I am aiming to develop these textile pieces into wedding stationary designs and both interior and fashion pieces...

New Projects on the horizon...
'Homemade Apple pie'

These images are the inspiration for my new project...'Homemade apple Pie'. Taken from around my home, a combination of rustic English qualities and values, vintage tea, polka-dots and prints...

A Personal Piece....this is selection of sections from a personal piece I created to remember my stepfather, and which also inspired me to create a similar piece as a Christmas present for my mam...mixed media textiles...

section containing a poem my mam gave me from a sympathy card she received...
section containing my photographs from The Tall Ships Race 2010..the last time we were together...

'Christmas Baubles'...Christmas Baubles is a mixed media and stitched A1 size piece...i wanted to capture the decorative and traditional aspects of the baubles but combine this with a contemporary twist...the hot colour palette, sequins and stitching....and hand drawn quality....

'Architectural Detail'......more pieces from my visual recording sessions!..... these were 30 second mixed media studies  in graphite & compressed charcoal......

'Architecture' while teaching I am constantly showing examples of techniques and processes, especially within visual recording sessions......these very often end up in a bin! so this year I decided I was going to keep them....these are just a few examples my demonstrations from a resist session during 'High-Rise' and 'Architecture' tasks.....

Friday, 17 February 2012

Knee Highs...

'Knee Highs...' Pencil Illustration


'Angelica' Pencil Illustration


'Dreamy' Stick & Ink


'Faith' Stick and Ink


'Awakening' Illustration


'Passionate' Illustration
'Passionate' & Awakening' have been created using digital techniques. The illustrations are simple sketches which have been layered to the surface of photographs from sections of my mixed media canvases.  

Wild Flowers

'Wild Flowers' Fine-Liner & Pencil
These are simple sketches of wild flowers inspired by a walk in local park.....I often carry a sketchbook and camera for moments like these. 

Afternoon Delights II

'Afternoon Delights II'

Afternoon Delights

'Afternoon Delights' 
'Afternoon Delights and Afternoon Delights II',is a combination of work from my tea inspired collection of collage pieces, fused with my hand drawn illustrations which have been combined digitally to create flatter pieces. These I am developing into stitched and embellished canvases.     

The Tea Party

'The Tea Party' Mixed Media